New Year's Eclipse Transit (January 29, 2018 to February 28, 2018)

New Year's Eclipse Transit (January 29, 2018 to February 28, 2018)

We are about to be graced with 2 eclipses!

A total lunar eclipse on January 31st, 2018
Begins (2:51am PST, 3:51am MST, 5:51 EST)
Peaks (5:29am PST, 6:29am MST, 8:29am EST)
Ends (8:08am PST, 9:08am MST, 12:08pm EST)


A partial solar eclipse on February 15, 2018
Begins (10:55am PST, 11:55am MST, 1:55pm EST)
Peaks (12:51pm PST, 1:51pm MST, 3:51pm EST)
Ends (2:47pm PST, 3:47pm MST, 5:47pm EST)


Guy Bourdin

Mood: Keep an eye out

Time frame: January 29th, 2018 - February 28th, 2018 (especially during both eclipses)

The moon will be transiting Cancer constellations for the first eclipse, and Aquarius for the second. The eclipses might not necessarily be visible to your naked eye, but nonetheless, these particular ones are creating an auspicious month to be gaining perspective on all the layers influencing your sight and eclipsing your sense of orientation within your life.

For the purposes of this forecast, please watch the this episode for approximately 1 minute (the 5:15 mark until 6:15)


When waves slow down, they change direction!

What are you made up of? What are your moving parts? Does all of you feel seen, heard and understood? Who else exists in your space? What are their roles? What is your role within the group? And ask yourself where is the group's movement really originating? At every level. Where does movement begin within you as an individual, within your inner circle, within your family, within your community, within your city, within your country, within the world, within the solar system?

There’s the obvious leaders, and then there's the hidden figures. Both are very important, and are leading in different ways. Take this month to notice who and what governs and conceptualizes your life direction and its pacing.

Making sure you acknowledge the gems you bring to the table as well as the weapons you supply your partnerships with. And vice-versa, can you become as available as possible to seeing the other individuals/groups, wholly, with an unprotected gaze.

As you continue to visualize your entourage, recall instances when you’ve been slowed down, personally and/or as a collective. Recall when you’ve changed directions. Was it debilitating? Or exalting? What or whom was the deciding factor? Furthermore, rate your overall your moves tend to be favourable? Or do you have a tendency to throw yourself and others off?

This month (Jan 29th, 2018 to Feb 28th, 2018) is all about noticing the way you move and how it’s initiated. Avoid making any changes to it for the time being : ) Just observe and acknowledge whether your group blueprint moves you towards growth or stress and where you are within it all.

The way objects and/or persons are positioned, arranged and oriented within space matters. Can you keep an eye out and notice your patterns and the energetics they breed? Are there any repeats within your organizational levels? Keep an eye out for similarities between how you relate to your inner environment and how you relate to your outer environment : )



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